ABOUT OHS Interim Management

OHS Interim Management

The Office of Head Start (OHS) appoints an Interim Manager to operate a Head Start or Early Head Start program when that community’s current grantee’s responsibility for the program ceases.

OHS Interim Management is operated by CDI Head Start.

In operating more than 220 OHS Interim Managed programs across the country, CDI Head Start has worked with thousands of employees, vendors and contractors successfully cultivating community partnerships and relationships. Continuity of services and partnerships is a priority during the time a program is in Interim Management.

When interim management begins, all children who were enrolled with the prior Head Start or Early Head Start operator are automatically accepted/enrolled into the CDI HS or EHS program. Learn more about enrollment.

Working at an OHS Interim Managed program is similar to working at other Head Start or Early Head Start programs. OHS Interim Management is operated by CDI Head Start. CDI Head Start is dedicated to developing programs where both children and staff are excited to come to Head Start each day. We help develop staff, specifically around their understanding of the Head Start Program Performance Standards, and help to provide opportunities for staff to feel fulfilled in their career path. Learn more about employment with CDI Head Start.

CDI Head Start is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is a separate and distinct entity from the prior program’s operators, thus new vendor relationships and employment agreements will need to be established. To learn more about becoming a vendor or partner with CDI Head start visit this link.

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